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How To Take Note In Listening - Boniface Mkuya - 06-10-2017

Listen means paying attention to somebody or something you can hear, for example, to listen to music, listen to the radio, speech, and stories narrated by a particular people.
Listening is different from hearing, hearing is the natural ability to receive sound by using noise by listening involving an intentionally paying attention to what you hear by using noise.
So listening is assisted with some skills which can be taught and learned for better listening, As a student, you need to understand those strategies hence they will enable you to improve better listening skills.
For a better listening, there are different strategies which must be considered, the following are those strategies;
(a)    Awareness to a listener- This involves physical and mental awareness. A learner should be physical and mental fit
Also, a listener should sit in a manner so that he/she can see a speaker.
(b)    Development of willingness- A learner should be able to receive new information. Don’t ask too many questions when you are listening. Give a speaker time to speak so as to avoid misinterpretation.
©    Have a desire to listen- In order to listen well a listener should concentrate by paying attention to the speaker. Tell your mind that you want to listen. Avoid staying with friends who can disturb your attention.
(d)    Avoid judgment to a speaker- Because judging the speaker the way he/she looks like, speak, and interact will affect you as a listener to get an intended message from the speaker.
(e)    Observe carefulness- Listen to the speaker careful in order to acquire some verbal signs which will help you to get the required information.
(f)    Focus on what the speaker want to say – As a listener, you should listen then understand what the speaker believe.
This is the process of writing down of some important points during the listening process which will enable a listener to remember what has been spoken.
In order to be a good listener, another important thing to note is to be a good note taker. You are advised to take notes when a speaker speak so that notes taken can be used for future use. Because sometimes you may not understand what has been spoken but when you take note you may understand later what the intended message was.
Strategies on Note Taking
The following are procedures for a good note taking
•    Use the abbreviations and symbols and numbers in order to keep time. For example;
                                     + for representing POSITIVE      
                                     -For representing NEGATIVE
                                       Pple for representing PEOPLE
-    Pay attention to the signal words
•    Paying attention to the important terminologies.
•    Listen carefully to what is spoken.
•    Avoid writing something which you did not understand
•    After listening get time to review your notes to get what was presented and what you note on your notes. This will help you to get the message which you did not during the listening process.
Generally, for effective listening people should listen for the information for the aim of getting the intended message but many people usually listen to the information for the aim of asking a question at the end so due to that reason they are unable to get the message.