Direct And Indirect Rule
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Direct And Indirect Rule
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Direct And Indirect Rule

what are the effect of direct and indirectتصویر: images/smilies/angel.gif
08-01-2017, 10:42 AM
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RE: Direct And Indirect Rule

These are the ones I know.

(I) It solved the shortage of employment among the European population for example German offered employment for the people in the colonies she occupied hence she managed to reduce the rate of employment of her people.
(II) It undermined preexisted African traditional rulers replaced them with Arabs Akidas and Liwalis from the coastal areas
(III) It managed to suppress African resistances since these colonies had enough white military forces to safeguard their interests for example Abushiri war of resistance of 1888 was abolished by German colonial administration.
*This was done through The use of Harsh and brutal means to make African meet the colonial demands.

(i) Created Tribalism – Chiefs who were given the power regarded themselves as superior than the others so they disagree to unite with other societies to form national unity. For example in Uganda Kabaka Edward wanted independence for Buganda Kingdom only in 1960
(ii) Led to unbalanced development in the colonies- Areas which had chiefs developed in term of social services like school, hospitals and roads networks so this caused conflicts between people especially after independence.
(iii) Turned African chiefs to be puppets- They were used by the British to colonize African societies, so chiefs were no longer worked for the interest of their fellow Africans.
(iv) Created social stratification- Some tribes became the ruling class while other were the supplier of cheap labor also chiefs and royal class were favored in education hence made the differences among the people.
(v) Led to the intensive exploitation- Indirect rule led to the exploitation of many African resources such as human labor, natural resources such as minerals and other things through the use of local chiefs who worked at the grass roots.
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08-01-2017, 11:53 AM
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