Drugs And The Nervous System
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Drugs And The Nervous System
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Post Icon  Drugs And The Nervous System

Drugs are any chemical substances which affects chemical processes in a body of an organism. Drug abuse is tje misuse of drugs.
Drug abuse can be in many forms such as;
•Under-age use of legal drugs eg.alcohol and cigarattes.
•The use of illegal drugs eg.marijuana.

Drug abuse can be caused by;
•Access and exposure to the use of drugs
•Lack of adequate education
•Lack of self acceptance

Effects of excessive use of drugs.
•Drugs such as alcohol causes brain damage
•Drugs such as miraa cause ulcers and rotten teeth
•Cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer
•Drug abuse causes traffic offenses ajd accidents
•Drug abuse and addiction causes school drop out
•Druds consumed through injection may lead to trans mission of HIV infection

Drug abuse can be controlled by;
•Keeping all drugs away from children
•Involving in creative creative activities such as games and sports during leisure time
•Drugs should only be used when prescribed by a qualified doctor
•Forming counselling clubs in the society to advice people on how to keep off from drugs.





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