Expressing Opinions And Feelings
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Expressing Opinions And Feelings
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Post Icon  Expressing Opinions And Feelings

A.  Expressing an opinion
What is Opinion?
This refers to people's viewpoint towards something, idea or concept in our life, for instance, someone may state that “government schools are better than private schools" and He or she may ask you what your opinion towards the statement??? So your response toward that statement will be regarded as opinion.
For example;
(In my opinion, I think that government schools are better than private schools since education provided in government schools and their environment enable them to acquire skills which make the students become self-reliance).
Giving opinions usually enable people to make choices in their decision making, for example, to choose a type of school to go, types of subjects to study and other things which they like depending on their selections. In school, opinions are expressed during debates conducts.
For example,
  • Money is better than education
  • Boarding schools are better than day schools
  • The English language is better than the Swahili language
  • Science subjects are difficult than arts subjects.
  • Urban life is better than rural life.
Ways that can be used to ask for expressing opinion in the English language
  1. Asking for Opinion
Considering the Table below

[Image: opinion.png]

For example, (i) what is your opinion on Corporal punishment?
                      (ii) What do you think about school rules?
  1. Expressing an Opinion
Considering the Table below

[Image: expressing.png]
For example,
[*]I think that smoking is harmless
[*]I believe that punishment should be allowed

  1. Supporting the Opinion
Considering the Table below

[Image: agree.png] 
For example,
[*]I support the argument that punishment should be allowed because it helps to shape student’s behavior.
[*]I agree with the view that the punishment should be banned.

  1. Opposing the Opinion
Consider the table below

[Image: oppose.png]For example
[*]I disagree with the view that smoking can kill
[*]I oppose the argument that smoking is harmful

B. Expressing Feelings
A feeling is a state of emotion rather than the thoughts or ideas, something you feel in the mind or sense. You may feel good or bad, happy or angry and other feelings. So feelings usually are influenced by either body emotions or physical emotions.
For example,
  • I feel so angry
  • I am so happy to pass my exams
  • Madona felt nervous the whole day
  • Yesterday I felt so sad.
So understanding better ways of expressing your feelings and opinions may enable a student to have better ways of communication so in order to have those ways as a student make sure that you practice those ways explained above in your daily conversation.

06-10-2017, 07:06 PM
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RE: Expressing Opinions And Feelings

06-13-2017, 07:51 PM
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