How To Write Varieties Of Texts
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How To Write Varieties Of Texts
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Post Icon  How To Write Varieties Of Texts

The meaning of Writing
Writing is the process of producing something in a written form so that people can read, perform and use it, to make letters or numbers on a surface by using pen or pencils
This topic aims at assessing student’s writing skills, so a student is required to write different information from different situations/ events.
A student should apply skills such as listening and understanding simple texts and uses of tenses in writing different texts about particular things.
For example, a student can write a variety of texts from the following situations/ events such as; writing in Banking statement, writing in diaries and others.
Writing text at the Bank Center
Deposition of money
Imagine you are at the bank center and you want to keep money there, this process is called deposition of money. You will be given a “Pay-in-slip” form by the Bank officers and you must fill in it correctly.
The following are the instructions which will help you to fill I the form you are given.
  • Write your name and Bank Branch name
  • Write your account number
  • Write the date in which you are depositing money
  • Write the amount of money you deposit in term of words
  • Write the amount of money in term of numbers
  • Sign at the end of the Pay-in- slip
These are some of the general instructions which are guiding the processing of filling the depositing form in the bank and it may have some small difference depending on the type of Bank in which the money is deposited.
One thing to consider is that if you find any difficulties in the process of filling the depositing form find help from the Bank officers found in the Bank for further help.
Writing Texts in Diaries
Diary is the book of records showing things which someone will do in the future time. So within the diary, all the past events which someone did will be left in the diaries.
 In Diaries, only important things should be written in order to be easy to be remembered and to be noted. So diary will help us to remember the important events, situations and different phenomena that have been passed.
Usually Diaries contain Dates and Time and space to write an event in a particular time and usually Diaries are prepared in yearly so you can write different events occurred in a year and at the end of the year people are advised to buy new diaries similar to when they buy new calendars so this will help them to plan what they are going to do in the coming year.
Generally, for a student to remember what they are supposed to do, what they taught in the class and other important events occurred in their school environment it is important to have good writing skills and reviewing what they wrote, so student should try to write their plans in diaries and practice what they plan to do in their daily life.
Prepare a diary of Two weeks showing the important things to do within those two weeks
Ask for a Bank statement and try to fill it showing you deposit a school fee.

06-12-2017, 09:00 AM
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