Interview Method Of Conducting Research
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Interview Method Of Conducting Research
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Post Icon Interview Method Of Conducting Research

In interview method, it involves verbal interaction between an interviewer and an interviewee. A person who conducts and prepare interview is known as an interviewer, and the person who gives information to the interviewer is known as an interviewee. This method is designed to list information or data, opinion, and feeling they have their own. Interview can be conducted through face to face or through telephone
 The interview helps to get quickly information or data. For stance, the face to face interview this help interviewer get direct data.
It permits the research to be sure that the respondents understand the questions properly. 
    It is not restricted to the literate population only. Because it uses the whole group in the society, also it is useful for both developed and underdeveloped countries.
    The interview is more flexible than questionnaire because they can adopt to the situations and get as much information as required.
    Information that is provided can be checked for its validity on the basis of body language [non- verbal cues] done by respondents.
    It help to get much information through interactions and genuine  conservations. Means that respondents can give real information and honest.
    The interview can employ observation technique.
    Interview yield higher response rates mainly because of it difficult for a subject to completely refuse to answer or ignore the interview.

There different disadvantages of using interview method in collecting data
    It is time-consuming.
    It cannot provide very reliable information on issues, which happened a long time ago.
    Respondent tends to be subjective.
    There is an element of distortion.
    It is expensive because researchers have to travel to meet respondents.
    Interview required high skill level because it required communications and interpersonal skills.
    The interviewer needs to be trained in order to avoid biases. Interview biases can interfere with the responses originating from various techniques of interviewing.
    Interview involves smaller sample because they are time-consuming. If a researcher is interested in using a big sample, the interview becomes a constraint.
There are two types of interview
   Structured interview. Is the type of interview in which the same questions are asked to all respondent. In an actual sense, the questions are pre-prepared. In structured interview schedules, the answer is not followed up to obtain greater depth of information. In this interview, the interviewer [researcher] has predetermined questions [prepared questions] in which he/she asks each respondent in the order and manner.
•    Unstructured interview. The type of interview in which different questions are asked to the different respondent.
•    A researcher can compare answers from different respondents to see their validity
•    It is possible to use quantitative analysis to analyze the data
•    It is not time-consuming.
•    It is inflexible because the researcher cannot ask more questions apart from those prepared before.
•    Some hidden information cannot be obtained easily.

•    An unstructured interview is a set of questions that the interviewer asks when interviewing.An interview schedule makes it possible to obtain data required to meet the study objectives. Because of the open nature of the unstructured interview, probing is commonly used to get deeper information. It is a type of interview in which researcher ask the respondents different questions. 
•    It is flexible since a researcher does not stick on his/her questions  chances are given to respondent to say more on what they asked 
•    More information can be revealed or identify because of a high degree of freedom.

•    A research cannot be able to compare the answer given because different questions are asked to the different respondent.
•    It is time-consuming because the method involves probing questions 
06-12-2017 03:33 PM
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