Listening And Understanding Simple Texts
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Listening And Understanding Simple Texts
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Listening to and understanding Simple oral texts on events
Listening is the process of paying attention in order to acquire certain information from a speaker.
It is different from the term “hearing’, you can hear a voice but listening involves paying attention for what is heard in order to get an intended message.
Students usually listen to the instructions from teachers, speech from the guest of honor, news from television and stories from friends. So all these need effective listening in order to get what is intended.
In order to listen to a particular message, we must follow the instructions such as;
  • People should make eyes contact to the speaker.
  • To avoid unnecessary disturbances.
  • To avoid physical problems such as staying in the cold areas or areas with noise.
  • To remember to take some notes during listening process.
After considering the above conditions for a good listening, the following below is an event happened to a certain student when he reached secondary school for the first day, listen carefully by using the conditions given above then answer the followed questions;
                    MY FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL
My first day at secondary school was very exciting. I was very excited when I arrived at school saw my friends who came to me and help me with my luggage to the Headmistress office for check up. When I reached to the office, they checked my luggage and they showed me the way to the dormitory hurriedly and keep my concerns.
After that I took bath and I went to the class, from there I met my friends and they gave me a lot of empathy. After the half of an hour, the bell rang and everybody followed the bell. All teachers came in front of us and started introducing themselves and lastly headmistress finished by introducing herself. Her name was called Mrs. Chubwa. When it reached seven o’clock we had our first dinner from that precious school known as Nawenge secondary school. We went in our dormitory for sleep.
To be honest, my roommates were very charming and even a matron was very kind. I prayed myself and I slept. I hope my road for success will be successful at the end.
Vocabularies used in the short story above;
* Excite             - causes feeling or emotion.      
* Headmistress - a woman who is the head of teachers.        
* Dormitory - a room for sleeping and it is very large with many beds.
* Precious - valuable or important.
* Luggage - The bags and suitcases that a person traveling.
* Roommates - people who share the same room.
*Arrive - to reach somewhere.
Exercise from the Passage
Make five sentences by using the following words (luggage, checkup, precious, headmistress, and matron)  a)……………………………………..      b)……………………………………..
d)………………………………………   e)………………………………………
Possible answers to the given exercise.
a)      Yesterday I was so happy when my uncle came to stand helping to carry out my luggage.
b)      Tomorrow morning we shall go to have checkup the whole school.
c)      My watch is made up of the precious metal.
d)      Our school Headmistress provided an amusing speech that I had never heard before.
e)      Normally matron plays a role of parents to the students.
After doing different exercise you will be able to read and listen to different passages and speeches and be able to give a general summary of it, answer different questions related to the passages and understanding meaning of different words as they used in the passages and hence all these will improve the listening skills which is very important in the learning process.
06-10-2017, 12:47 AM
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