Map Work
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Map Work
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Map Work

A Map is a representation of all or part of the earth surface drawn to scale in a flat surface such as paper or cardboard.
There are three types of map 
[*]Topographical map,

This type of map describes land scape with both natural and human activities. They show vegetation, relief, roads and settlement, in this map, small land units are drawn using a large scale, and in most cases, the scale used is usually 1:50000 or 1centimeter represent 500 meters or half a kilometre.
[*]Atlas maps

These are contained in a book known as Atlas they show a lot of details on the relief, climate and vegetation.
The maps are drawn on a small scale, which enables them to cover large areas, The scale ranges from 1cm representing 400 kilometres.
[*]Sketch maps

This types of maps which show very little information and also cover a small area. They are drawn to scale or not.
  • Title or heading
  • key
  • Margin
  • North direction
  • The map shows the location of the place and features on the earth’s surface.
  • The map shows the distribution of features like rivers, lakes, settlement, land uses and climate.
  • Map help to determine a distance between places.
  • Maps are used for planning land use.
  • Route maps help travellers, pilots and tourists get the direction.
The scale is the ratio representation of the distance on the map and the actual length on the ground.
-Thus scale =Map distance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -                    Ground distance
A scale is useful in map drawing to present features and give information more easily, if one was to draw features of the earth surface in real life they would not fit on paper.
  1. Statement scale.
Through this method, words are used to state the relationship between map distance and ground distance. Example 1cm represents 10km which means 1cm on the map represents 10km on the ground.
  1. Representative Fraction Scale.
This is another method whereby a scale expressed in term of a ratio.
-Example 1:50,000 or 1/50,000 this means that one unit on the map represents 50,000 such units on the ground.
  1. Linear Scale.
Usually, the line is divided and marked to show what the division represents on the ground.
Features found in the area on a map are too small to be drawn to scale. Therefore signs and symbols are used to present them.
Below are features found on maps and the symbols used to present them
 #000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
Water fall Road 
River Power line 
Bridge Swamp 
*Note pictorial symbols usually look like the objects they represent.
Below are features found on maps and the signs used to present them.
 #000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
CourtCrtTrading  centreTC
SchoolSCBore holeBH
Post officePOMountain 
Water holeWHChurchƠ
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