Sustainable Uses Of Forest Resources
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Sustainable Uses Of Forest Resources
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Post Icon  Sustainable Uses Of Forest Resources

A forest is a continuous growth of trees and undergrowth covering an extensive area of land. There are two main types of forests; Natural forest and planted forest
Natural forests are the types of the forests that develop without the input of human being while planted forests developed when human being planted trees on large pieces of land.
Characteristics of Natural forests
  • Trees of different types grow together.
  • Most of the trees produce hardwood
  • Trees in these forests are indigenous to the area.
  • There is a dense/ thick undergrowth
 Due to some factors such as climate and trees species, these forests can be subdivided into the following broad categories;
  1. Tropical rainforests
These are the forest found in the equatorial region. These trees are characterized by thick undergrowth and very tall trees which are indigenous and take a very long time to mature.
  1. Mangrove forests
The types of trees are found along coastal lines, these trees have shallow roots and can tolerate the salty conditions of sea water.
  1. Temperature forests
These type of trees may be evergreen, or deciduous (trees that shed their leaves at the beginning of the cold seasons.
  1. Coniferous trees
These are the types of the trees which are found in the outer most part of the hemisphere.
Characteristics of Planted trees
  • Trees are mainly planted with one species at the particular area
  • Trees may or may not be indigenous to the area they planted
  • Most of the trees produce softwoods.
Factors influencing the distribution of the forests
  • Relief
  • Drainage
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Soil
  • Human activities
Importance of Forest Resources
  • They are sources of the valuable timber.
  • Trees are the sources of wood, fuel, and charcoal
  • Softwood trees can be used to make pulp which is used in papermaking.
  • Trees are the sources of the chemical substances.
  • Varieties of fruits and nuts are obtained from the forests.
  • Some trees are the source of the traditional medicine
  • Forest plays an important role in the environment through providing very clean air in the environment.
Major producers of Forest products
As much as forest exists on almost all the continent, they are not equally exploited for their products. Many countries exploit forest for timber products.
The following are the world leading countries in the use of Forest products#000000 solid;margin:15px;width:95%;">
Timber and wood fuelRussia, USA, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Sweden, Nigeria, France, Finland and German
Timber from hardwoodsIndonessia, Brazil, India, USA, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malaysia and  Philippines
Timber from SoftwoodsRussia, USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, German and Japan
Wood pulpUSA, Canada, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, France, German, China, Brazil and Norway
NewsprintCanada, USA, Japan, Russia, Sweden, China, Finland, German and United Kingdom
Rubber and GumBrazil, Nigeria
Resin, Pitch, tar turpentineUSA, France, Russia
CorkUSA, Portugal, Spain
Problems associated with Forest resources harvesting
  1. Deforestation
  2. Destruction of the water catchment
  3. Cutting of trees which may result to the disappear of the forest
  4. Uncontrolled of the forest resources harvesting which resulting to the scarcity of these resources.
  5. It interferes the birds and other insects, habitats
Ways of addressing problem facing forests in the world
  • Carrying out of the research to determines the growth requirements for different species of trees.
  • Creation of public awareness about the importance of trees to their environment.
  • Encouraging the use of the existed alternatives sources of energy instead of relying on wood fuel and charcoal.
  • Encouraging on the use of energy-saving stoves which would reduce the amount of woods fuel consumed.
  • Places where new forests are planted, trees should be planted in blocks.
Conservation of forest
  • Afforestation
  • Reforestation
  • Involving the communities near the conservation of the forest

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