The Concept Of Geography
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The Concept Of Geography
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The Concept Of Geography

Geography is the combination of two Greek words Geo and Graphs. Geo means the Earth and graphs mean to write, to draw or to describe.
These two words together formed Geography, which means to draw, to write about or describe the earth. This meaning development of the early definition of geography which referred to the description of the earth.
‘'Geography'' can be defined as the study of the distribution and interrelationship of physical and man-made features over the earth's surface. It is goals to understand the relationship between human activities and environment on the earth's surface.
Branches of geography
Physical geography which is mainly concerned with the study of the physical environment. It focuses on the structure of the earth information and distribution of landforms distribution of mountain, valley, river, and plateau.
Human and economic geography a branch of geography (Regional geography) which involves the study of human and how the internal with their environment deal with distribution of human. Their settlement and activities with agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and lines of communication.
Practical geography is the study of practical skills and techniques learned in class and real life situation.
The word phenomena refer to facts or circumstance observed or observable within nature.
Generally, this fact is of scientific interest. Human beings are the one who is extracting resources as from nature, changes the environment through land reclamation, deforestation, and construction. To some degree has an effect on the land and generally to the climate human beings are blamed for causing global climatic changes into the air.
It develops awareness of our country as our heritage. Studying the boundaries and people of a different country.
It raises our standard of living by utilizing properly the available resources.
Geography helps to understand social and geographical problems and how to solve them.
It enables students to gain skills of observation, measuring, recording, and interpretation of phenomena.
It helps to understand the interaction between our country and other country and share ideas of solving the problem.
Students will acquire skills for combating our environmental problems in order to conserve and manage the environment in sustainable.
Geography expands our knowledge of employment opportunities.

09-11-2017, 09:10 AM
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RE: The Concept Of Geography


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